Demi sesungguhnya! Kami akan menguji kamu dengan sedikit perasaan takut (kepada musuh) dan (dengan merasai) kelaparan, dan (dengan berlakunya) kekurangan dari harta benda dan jiwa serta hasil tanaman. Dan berilah khabar gembira kepada orang-orang yang sabar: (Iaitu) orang-orang yang apabila mereka ditimpa oleh sesuatu kesusahan, mereka berkata: "Sesungguhnya kami adalah kepunyaan Allah dan kepada Allah jualah kami kembali."
(Al-Baqarah : 155-156)

13 November 2012


Oh my. I can't believe that I'm writing this post. Yup, I'm currently engaged with this life : H E R B A L I F E.

Ini tunang saya, hoho
I'm writing this post mostly as a humble gratitude to someone who sent me a bunch of Herbalife products. Eh, Mesir ada jual ke Herbalife? Jangan main-main, Mesir kan Ummuddunya, semua pun ada. Hehe Actually I got these all the way from Malaysia for FREE OF CHARGE! (again?) You know the feelings when someone giving you something very well-known expensive and now becoming a phenomenon of reducing weight in Malaysia. Then, why I'm using Herbalife instead of an ideal BMI and a good lifestyle (konon final year medical student)?

(This post is not for business purposes since I got them FOC, as stated above. But maybe not in the future, so just keep reading ya! Hehe)

Chronic Medical Conditions

I'm really aware of my eating style since food is my passion while sleeping becomes my biggest problem (habit VS typical Malaysian?). How can you be comfortable sleeping half a day and leaving the day without studying? It is getting more irritated when I'm in clinical years where I should read buku yang tebal-tebal dan banyak. So I took some doses of Cappucino and it did open my eyes for the whole day! But I forgot the side effects where I excessively have tremors and over-reactive bladder while I was writing on the last year-final year exams big papers! One problem solved yet more to come. *sigh*

My quest on searching the solution continues as I'm suspecting myself having anemia. Full of curiosity plus current clinical student, I went to the lab and let the staff took some of my blood. That was 2 blood tests, for my RBCs count and hyperlipidemia (of my positive family history), then I've been diagnosed for anemia but not hyperlipidemia (thanks to Allah who makes my estrogen works well, hehe). Still, the problem not resolved as I need to prescribe my own self with iron supplement for more and more side effects. Perhaps, iron did work nice to me..

And thats not to count in my long history of asthmatic effects since childhood and underweighing. Maybe I should write my own-full medical report for future reference after this. hurm

Life with Herbal Begins

Using all these products never came across my mind. When everything seems impossible to resolve, I just let myself eating as much as I want to gain some weight despite of more searching. Well, a normal reaction like other human being. I just let my body receiving more and more drugs as long as my anemia relieved and could make me stay awake. Then, I'm satisfied with some bronchodilator and Habbatus-sauda' to reduce the asthmatic attack while still wondering another better way. How reactive am I, isn't it?

Until this committed someone keep urging me to take and try Herbalife products. As a normal people, I also kept being skeptical as I never try any other nutritional products and specifically, Herbalife? Oh my, the prices did keep me away for a while. Since this someone really a special person and this someone also offer me a free trial batch, I surrender to the will. Why can't I try to have a good eating style so that I able to give my opinion and advises about it to my future patient, effectively? Why can't I give my body the chances of enjoying a good nutrition so that it can work more and benefits other more? Badan nak guna lama kan, malulah doktor suruh jaga kesihatan, but herself already overloaded with multiple illnesses. Adeh.

(began my Herbalife on October, 12 and it's been more than a month. Eyes and heart still under observation for some improvement, baru bertunang kan, huhu)

A Healthy Eating Style

The quest of having an absolutely healthy eating style already began when I'm in Egypt. I found that Egyptians are more energetic compared to Malaysians since they drink lots of tea and coffee at all times. The same happens to Turkish people who are well-known with their Turkish Coffee. I don't know the current health status for Turkish people but due to my long years in Egypt, unfortunately, there still lots of 'big' people in here in spite of their tea-drinking-style as they don't commit to a healthy eating style. A big and heavy body has been too bad for me, since it complicates much and much for doctor's examination, diagnosis and above all, in the last resort for surgery. Not to mention the burden to their health care services. Sudahlah already harbouring much diseases in my body, now easily get tired and exhausted from those big people who've been written Diabetes, hypertension and smoking in their personal history while me, myself need to do full neurological examination of pushing their big and heavy limbs with all my heart and will. Allahu Akbar!

(I'm complaining of myself, yeah MYSELF for being tooooo weak, urgh!)

Yet, thanks to my coach who introduce and teach me this healthy eating style with Herbalife Teamix,  accompanying my shake regiments, tds (three times daily doses). I do feel better, not just because I able to reduce my sleeping time but I also manage to keep my meals and drinks in an adequate amount and in a correct time. Plus the preparation is simple and more interesting with shaker, hehe. That includes my fasting moments too! Feels healthier and more energetic! Hidup terasa lebih bermakna, Alhamdulillah! cewah

shaker comel
(bersama sedikit nada geram sebab iklan promote air gas Pepsi Coca-Cola  dan keropok Chipsy suka lebih-lebih sedang mudaratnya masih tak disedari. Kenapa still questioning about promoting the best fast food known as Herbalife?)

A Gratitude, May Allah Bless You

From now on, I just can keep praying for a good condition for this someone. I can't be a full-time-dedicated Herbalife coach since I'm having my very final 6th year exams around the corner. Thanks a lot and Jazakallahu kher for being my good coach. Later, you may find me as one of Herbalife good, dedicated, highly effective and lovely coach (hehe) and also a distributor (not to forget future doctor, adeh), but to my readers, I'm again stressing here that I'm NOT writing this for business purposes, or at least for the time being. It is just a usual sharing of something good and I really hope that I can benefit others with this. BUT, if you keen to know more about Herbalife, how to get it especially here in Egypt, don't hesitate to ask and contact me as mentioned below. I'm happy to help you having a good eating style (better than me, perhaps?) and get prepared for the better world and hereafter. Tambah sihat, tambah buat amal soleh dan pahala, ye dak? Baru resolusi hidup yang betul..

call me Husna Sani, rumah depan Iyadah/Mustasyfa Syaima' tingkat 2 (ada loceng tulis Maliziya) or as easy as dialing +20111-8785998. Boleh kongsi-kongsi cerita dan pengalaman especially yang dah 'berkahwin' dengan Herbalife, kepada first-timer macam saya. hehe I am a Malaysian, a medical student, still studying for upcoming exams and will be in Egypt for only 3 months left, inshaAllah. I'm not entertaining people who are not serious and sengaja nak carik gaduh with me. Harap maklum. huhu

psst : boleh ke buat post macamni? Rasa pelik sikit sebab first time. Anyway, hope you satisfied with my first trial to promote Herbalife. Kira ni bayaran ansuran untuk free Herbalife batch tu ye? hehe